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Sloan's Balm and Liniment

Sloan's Pain Relief Liniment

Cool on the surface, warm from within. Get instant pain relief with Sloan’s Liniment
Sloan’s Liniment inhibits the first step of the pain-chain. Ingredients such as capsaicin, wintergreen oil, Gandha biroja, devadaru oil mask the signals of pain with their heating and cooling effect. Made from natural substances, Sloan’s Liniment is gentle on your skin.
This solution is designed to provide relief from any kind of muscle or joint pain.
Ingredients include:
Capsicum Extract: Acts as a counter-irritant and decreases the production of substance P, a chemical that produces and passes pain signals to the brain. It is used to treat minor muscle or joint pain, cutaneous pain and pathological itch sensation.
Sloan’s Liniment contains about 0.63% of capsicum extract.
Devadaru tailam: Improves blood circulation and decreases the inflammation at the affected area.
Sloan’s Liniment contains about 2.88% of Devadaru tailam.
Oil Gaultheria: Acts as a counter irritant and reduces pain.
Sloan’s Liniment contains about 2.66% of oil Gaultheria.
Gandha Biroja tailam: Acts as a counter irritant, improving the circulation of blood at the affected area and improves muscle/ligament strength.
Sloan’s Liniment contains about 46.7% Gandha Biroja tailam.


  • Use soft cloth or cotton to apply on the affected area
  • Avoid rubbing of the liniment onto the skin
  • Do not bandage
  • Do not apply on open wounds, mucous membranes, inflamed and tender skin
  • Avoid contact with eyes